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If you’re lost between all the latest technologies available to improve your Business top and bottom line and don’t know where to start, then you seriously need to know all this as soon as possible before you get wiped out by those who do.
Thousands of businesses like you have already started using Inbound Marketing to improve their sales and Software As A Service as a way to lower their cost of operation and improve their communication and collaboration with their customers and trading partners.


Just like electricity and the phone, IT is becoming a utility whereby you can rent software and access shared hardware without having to buy it and install it on premise. Some of the biggest players are:


Google >

which offers Google Apps, a suite of applications for mainly messaging, communication and collaboration that competes with major apps such as Microsoft Office, Exchange and Sharepoint.


Hubspot >

which provides an Integrated Online Marketing Tool that enables businesses to implement Inbound Marketing as an alternative to the traditional Outbound Marketing that most companies still use.


Microsoft >

which cloud enabled its Microsoft Office 2010 platform and made it available throught its Office365 product. It includes Exchange, Sharepoint, Outlook, Office and Lync. Microsoft also provides its .NEt & SQL Platform As A Service through its Azure product.


Amazon >

which provides you the Infrastructure As A Service and Platform As A Service which basically means that you can rent servers and a development platform to host or develop your own custom apps without having to have your own infrastructure and without having to worry about crashing when you have surges in demand. That way you don’t have to pay to buy a lot of capacity that would be unused most of the time.


Salesforce >

which was one of the pioneers of Software As A Service by providing a web based CRM app and transitioned to also a Platform As A Service.
SAP, which cloud enabled its ERP apps and is providing them through its SAP ByDesign suite.



And last but not least IBM, which has provided Infrastructure As A Service for a while now under the OnDemand brand and has a suite of Cloud apps such as Websphere On Demand and Lotus iNotes.



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