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Based in Montreal since 1993, Data Axis provides leading  Business Transformation Solutions for the Construction, Manufacturing, Distribution and Services industry. Data Axis integrates and customizes Collaboration, ERP, CRM, EPM, BI & Inbound Marketing solutions on the Google, Microsoft, Hubspot and SAP platforms. 

Data Axis has been a software firm focused in the area of business solutions since 1993. As part of its service offering, Data Axis has developed a component-based development, construction and assembly tool framework that supports the rapid development and deployment of eBusiness applications such as Websites, portals, intranets and extranets for multiple vertical markets. The Data Axis product consists of integrated eBusiness Middleware and out-of-the-Box Applications to assist businesses with the ongoing creation, publishing and management of information and business applications.

Information Technology (IT) developers typically spend a significant portion of their time coding the infrastructure and behavior elements of an application leaving little time to focus on the custom business logic that drives the unique value of an application. As a result of using traditional application development methodologies such as extensive coding, companies have experienced cost overruns, inadequate return on investment, large IT project backlogs, and unexpected problems after deployment. Moreover, important changes to an application can take months of effort to recode.

Gartner Group estimates that up to 80% of a Fortune 2000 company’s IT budget and time is spent making changes to applications that have already been written, and 45% of those changes will take more than a year to complete. Additionally, over a three year period, the same company will spend three times the original development costs just making changes to that application.

With Data Axis' solution, feature-rich applications can be quickly created and easily modified because the system is based on "configuring" rather than "coding" the necessary behaviors of an application. Using the Data Axis solution, application developers easily configure the application's behavior elements, and as a result shift their focus from spending a significant portion of their time developing core infrastructure to all of their time developing unique business logic.


Companies looking for a way to better build applications without major reconstruction will benefit from the flexible, scalable, open standards-based architecture of the Data Axis solution. In effect, the Data Axis' solution addresses many of the problems / issues attributed to conventional application development methods such as:


  • Information Technology (IT) resources availability
  • Time to Market
  • Utilization of reusable content / Code reusability
  • Application development consistency
  • Application life cycle management / Maintenance and updates
  • Quality control
  • Security
  • Software documentation
  • Integration with external systems
  • Scalability
  • Service and Support
  • Training


These solutions translate into a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and rapid Return on Investment (ROI) for:


  • Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) who want to reduce their time to market and cost of development.
  • Organizations unable to either hire or allocate IT resources to build custom applications for end-users.
  • Professional Services / Consulting firms


Moreover, Data Axis' component-based development, construction and assembly tool framework has the ability to service any horizontal business need (Document Management, Customer Relationship Management, Workflow, etc.) across many different industry vertical markets. In fact, delivering a wide range of end-user applications has been the basis of the Data Axis consulting practice since the company’s inception.


Data Axis - Hubspot, Office365 and Google Apps Partner for Quebec & Ontario. Hubspot, Office365 et Google Apps Partenaire pour le Québec et l'Ontario.



About Us